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Why Power Lin


AI that Transforms your EV into a Mobile Power Plant ™

AI-based VGI that Works

Maximize Economics​

Reduce the cost of your assets, and increase profitability 

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Charge when / where the emissions are low

Discharge when / where the emissions are high

VGI at Scale

Connect every EV on the road to VGI opportunities

Mobility to Grid Integration   

One EV or a Fleet of EVs

Owned or rented

Light, Medium, or Heavy Duty

Agnostic to size and type

At Destination, or On The Go

Public or Private charging

Scalable Solution

AI-based Software Solution

No additional hardware needed

Hardware Agnostic

One or bi-directional


Optimize for EV's battery life


Let's work together

  • EV Drivers
    Start making $ as you charge, wherever you go!
  • EV Fleets
    Optimize your fleet's charging and discharging activities to align with peak value times and strategic locations. Achieve your operational goals, whether they involve cutting costs, reducing emissions, enhancing reliability, or a combination of all these objectives. Achieve co-optimized fleet charge and discharge operations in synergy with their surroundings, be it the grid load, on-site power generation, or on-site energy storage.
  • Charging Providers
    Maximize utilization and revenue of your sites. Co-optimize chargers with other onsite DERs, such as energy storage and onsite power generation.
Who Can Help
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